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About Us

Personalized Approach

Dave Karas has been a professional, licensed remodeling contractor for over 30 years. He has repaired, replaced, and rebuilt both new and existing properties throughout his successful career.


“We have always enjoyed the relationship with our customer that develops from working together.  I highly value my customers.”  


Dave resides on Cape Cod.


Our key to obtaining and retaining the satisfaction of our valued customers, colleagues and our own organization are communication, teamwork, a display of craftsmanship and exceptional leadership.  All of our projects are carefully planned, scheduled and managed in order to meet established goals of on time completion and our own set standards for quality.


We bring an approach of creativity, innovation and collaboration to our craft. It is in that spirit that we work around any unexpected obstacles or changes with each project. We seek the same from all professionals we work with.


We have practices in place to support our customers and the ultimate success of each project.  While drawing on a wealth of construction knowledge and experience, our team has what it takes to succeed- one project at a time. We enlist the best teams of trades people and use quality, value-added materials and finishes in our work. We regard the ingenuity of design and quality of construction as highly as we value in the outcome of our clients’ remodel.


We promote safety in the home, energy and resource conservation on every job site and coach our crew on best practices for healthy, safe building. We take into consideration the specific environmental needs of our clients when designing and remodeling their new living space.

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